Shai Osudoku District launches ‘Zero Waste’ project for schools

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The Zoomlion Foundation and Ghana Education Service have launched a Zero Waste Project for schools, aimed at promoting sustainable practices through education.

The event was held on Friday May 31, 2024, in Shai Osudoku, Greater Accra, to mark the beginning of a broader initiative set to extend to all districts in the Region.Zoomlion Foundation Shai Osudoku

Regional Director of Education, Stephen Abamfo, highlighted the criticality of proper waste management across the country and its institutions. He underscored the need to instill a zero waste mindset in students, advocating for them to become ambassadors of sustainable practices.

“I will issue a communique to all district education directors to ensure that all students embrace and promote the zero waste initiative,” Amanor announced, expressing gratitude to Zoomlion for its support.

The Shai Osudoku District Education Director, Mrs. Harriet Lomotey, emphasized the importance of collective effort from all stakeholders to ensure the success of the zero waste initiative.

“As educators, we must make zero waste a way of life through the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle,” the Director stated. As part of the project, recycling will be integrated into visual arts programs, where students will transform waste materials into creative artifacts.

Additionally, nominated advocates will maintain ongoing efforts to keep the community engaged and accountable. The initiative will also feature an essay competition on zero waste at least once each term, fostering further student involvement and awareness.Zoomlion Foundation Shai Osudoku

Apostle Theophilus Kusi, from the Chaplaincy Department of Zoomlion, delivered the keynote address on behalf of the managing director. Citing scriptures, he stressed humanity’s responsibility to care for the environment, asserting that education is key to achieving this goal.

Aps. Kusi praised the Shai Osudoku district education directorate for its proactive approach and urged all stakeholders to propagate the zero waste message.

Mr. Noah Sabutey, representing the District Chief Executive of Shai Osudoku, expressed his gratitude for the initiative’s commencement in the district and pledged the assembly’s full support towards the project’s success.

The Zoomlion Foundation Coordinator, Mr. Thomas Narh Korley, stated that the Zero Waste Project in Shai Osudoku is a pioneering step towards environmental sustainability, leveraging education to foster a culture of waste reduction and recycling among the younger generation.Zoomlion Foundation Shai Osudoku

Mr. Korley expressed belief that teachers have the potential to drive innovation among students which can push the zero waste initiative forward.

The Sustainable Zero Waste Initiative will instill sustainable waste management practices in the next generation, promoting a cleaner, greener and healthier environment for all.Zoomlion Foundation Shai Osudoku


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