Energy Minister calls on global investors to invest in Ghana’s Energy Sector

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The Minister of Energy, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, has urged global energy leaders and experts to invest in Ghana’s energy sector, which is being developed to support economic growth, enhance citizens’ quality of life, and lead in sustainable energy in the sub-region and beyond.

Speaking at the 2024 Africa Energy Forum (AEF) in Barcelona, Spain, on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, Dr. Prempeh highlighted Ghana’s potential for renewable energy, energy access, and grid modernization, which require massive investment for clean energy to meet the demands of the growing population, business hubs, and industry.

He shared insights on the future of energy in Ghana and the entire African continent, emphasizing the enormous potential in Ghana’s energy sector.

“We need your investment to unlock them, accelerate our economic growth, improve energy security, and enhance the quality of life of our citizens,” he appealed to the global energy leaders and experts.

At a Ministerial Roundtable, Dr. Prempeh joined African Energy Ministers to discuss “Energy Systems for the Future,” focusing on balancing Africa’s needs with global goals.

He also met with the UK Trade Commissioner for Africa and energy sector heads to strategize on positioning Ghana’s energy sector for investment, particularly under the Powering Africa program.

On the sidelines of the AEF, Dr. Prempeh held a meeting with senior officials of the World Bank to discuss the importance of consolidated efforts towards achieving a stable, efficient, and sustainable energy sector that can drive Ghana’s economic growth.

Additionally, he took part in a panel discussion on “Building Cohesive Gas Value Chains and Developing Future Infrastructure”. During this session, the Energy Minister emphasized that “Africa’s industrialization will heavily depend on the expansion of natural gas usage, as it is the most viable fuel for power generation and other industrial processes amidst the global energy transition agenda”.NAPO Opoku Prempeh

The minister’s engagement at the AEF aims to position Ghana as a prime destination for energy investment, leveraging the country’s strategic location, favorable business environment, and growing demand for energy.

By leveraging its renewable energy resources and expertise, Ghana seeks to become a beacon for sustainable energy development in Africa, creating a model for other countries to follow.NAPO Opoku Prempeh

The Africa Energy Forum is a premier platform for energy stakeholders to share innovations and best practices. Dr. Prempeh’s participation demonstrates Ghana’s commitment to building a robust energy sector that benefits its citizens and contributes to global sustainable energy goals.


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