We shall expose officials who leak papers – WAEC

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Head of Public Affairs at the West African Examination Council (WAEC), Agnes Teye-Cudjoe, has revealed that any WAEC official who leaks or supports leakage of their examination papers would be exposed.

According to her, the last time examination papers leaked was during the 2015 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), where the Integrated Science paper had to be re-administered.

“As an organization our reputation is at stake, the integrity of our certificates is at stake therefore even if I am the one to cause anything [leaks], I don’t think the organization would shield me at all”, she said.

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She stressed that, it is better to expose that one WAEC official engaged in exam leakage than to allow the reputation of the entire organization, built over a period of 68 years, to go down the drain.

Madam Agnes Teye-Cudjoe was responding to Captain Smart’s question on what actions have been taken against persons who have leaked papers in the previous years.

Although she did not mention any individual who has been punished by the council, she was firm on taking action against persons who would leak papers.

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The Examination Council, on Saturday, August 1, reacting to social media reports that some exam papers had leaked, said the purported leaked Integrated Science papers 1 & 2 were fake versions.

Speaking on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofo morning show, she added that, people had just done some impositions and change of date if one goes through the ‘leaked’ papers.

The public affairs head further gave assurance to the general public that they have taken the necessary steps to forestall any exam leakages going forward.

She entreated all supervisors at examination centres to abide by the laid down rules to avoid any leak-related problems. “As a supervisor [if] I obey the rules, we would not have any problems”, she emphasized.


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