Catch them young; UMaT to start responsible mining in primary schools

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University of Mines and Technology is starting an initiative dubbed “catch them young” within the 75 mining constituencies in the country, the Vice Chancellor of the school has indicated.

According to Professor Opoku Amankwa, the program is to teach the young ones in all mining communities about responsible mining and the implications of illegal mining.

“Beginning from upper primary, class four, we are going to introduce—with the help of Ministry of Education—a module on sustainable artisanal and small scale mining, so that we will teach in all 70 mineral rich constituencies in Ghana,” he spoke to Mr. Abu Jinapor when he visited the Western Region on a two-day tour.

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Prof. Opoku Amankwa noted the initiative is taking into consideration future generations and how measures adopted to solve a challenge should be inculcated in them.

“We are looking at 10 years to come. If you solve a problem now, the young people who are coming also have to be taught. So, Catch them young is to ensure that the next generations who are coming learn how to do what’s right from the very beginning,” he said.

The Minister, to whom the idea was communicated to, espoused it and said he will be looking forward to receiving an official communique on from the University and will provide the necessary help.

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