Thorntina 74 Herbal Mixture aided my recovery from COVID-19 – Retired Noguchi Researcher

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A Medical Research Scientist who has worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) in the African Region, Dr. Jacob Sampson Barnor, has recommended Thorntina 74 Mixture for fighting the global Covid-19 disease.

Dr. Barnor who is a retiree from the Noguchi Memorial Institute and Medical Research, after serving for over three decades, said the decision to recommend the product to the general public stems from his personal experience as a user of the medicine.

Speaking on Anↄpa Bofoↄ morning show, Dr Barnor said his work as a consultant on herbal medicines has made him develop the interest in using the products himself to aid in providing expert advice to his patients.

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“There are the producers, Thorntina 74 mixture, but I am using myself as an animal model to test it and their efficacy.

“I’ve used similar herbal products to manage my diabetes which helped so when I heard about the T-74, I decided to take it and compare with what I have already taken…,” he said.

Some of his friends who have used T-74, he added, have also been cured of their various ailments including hypertension, peptic ulcer and sickle cell anemia.

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“Most importantly, I tested positive for Covid-19…I had taken the injection [vaccination] which I recommend others do. My recovery rate from the disease was fantastic because I has taken Thorntina 74.

“By three to four days, I was well and when I tested, I got a negative report” he told Kofi Adoma Nwanwani, adding that his recovery rate surprised his doctor who in turn asked about the contributory factors.

The Medical Research Scientist mentioned Vitamin C as one of the main components of T-74.

“Everyone speaks of Vitamin C and it is part of Thorntina 74, and the Phytochemicals that make you recover quickly from any ailment,” he said.

He therefore encouraged all and sundry to patronise the herbal medicine since it is for general wellbeing and is an immune system booster.

“You always have to prepare towards diseases than wait to suffer before curing them” he advised.

Explaining his point with an example, Dr. Barnor said steroids used in managing health problems are made of hormones which come with side effects.

He further called on the government to support the producers.

“We have to be proud about the product because it is locally produced with herbs” he concluded.

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