Underfire police chief tags Dompem residents as very cunning

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A Dompem Divisional Police Commander, George Kuma, has denied ordering the torturing of an information centre operator in his office for calling him “Sasabonsam” translated “devil”.

According to Chief Superintendent George Kuma, he had invited Yaw Atta, the victim of the said cruelty to his office which was on a one storey building. But while making his way up the staircase, he tripped.

“He [Yaw Atta] suffered a laceration on his knee, so I decided that before I continue my engagement with him, he be taken to hospital for attention,” said the commander on the Anopa Bofoↄ morning show while adding that he footed his bills.

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He claimed that the people in the community are very cunning for which reason he was not surprised at the allegations levelled against him because they are able to skew things to favour themselves.

The officer continued: “My investigator did well to request an x-ray of the knee because we are aware of his background what story he is able to come up with. So the x-ray showed that it was an already existing wound that began bleeding again after he tripped.”

Meanwhile, Yaw Atta had accused the officers of beating him in the commander’s office after he was picked up from the information centre by some officers wielding guns and dressed in black attires on December 31, 2021.

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He alleged that “while they were beating me, the commander said ‘since the voice is not yours but the information centre belongs to you, we are doing the devils work on you’”.

Currently, the information centre operator has been granted bail with the intervention of the Municipal Chief Executive who is expected to present the other panel member with whom the discussion around the Commander took place at the information centre for further investigations.

Chief Superintendent Kuma said Yaw Atta had been charged for offensive conduct which he is determined to pursue to the end at the court.

According to him the Regional Minister and the Member of Parliament for Tarkwa Nsuaem had instructed the Municipal Chief Executive to take him to the Regional Police Command to file the report against him.

He accused them of inciting the youth to engage in misconducts within the Donpem community however he will not back down until justice is served even if it means relocating him.


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