I want to see my son’s body – Mother of late officer Kwaku Nyame

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The mother of the late police officer, Lance Corporal Stephen Kwaku Nyame who was killed in connection with the bullion van robberies, has declared that she wants to see her son’s body.

According to the mother, Vida Fosu, and other relations, they are yet to see the corpse of their beloved and confirm that indeed he is dead.

Stephen Kwaku Nyame
The late Stephen Kwaku Nyame

The mother had also revealed that she can’t believe and would never believe that her son was an armed robber and was involved in the said bullion van robbery.

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Speaking on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofo Morning Show, she stated in Twi: “I want to see him so that I will be fine.”

Madam Fosu noted that “he belongs to me and they have destroyed him. They should return him to me. No matter how he looks I want him back.”

Meanwhile, the girlfriend of the deceased officer, whose name was given only as Sedem, has also refuted claims that her boyfriend was an armed robber and engaged in the alleged nefarious activities being reported.Sedem late Kwaku Nyame wife

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She, however, stated that said some police officers envied the fallen officer.

She told Kofi Adoma Nwanwani that those envious officers schemed for the late corporal to be evicted from a place of abode given him.

Narrating the event, she said that a senior police officer had given that house to him and she requested that they fix it for him, however, the repair works were delayed.

According to Sedem, the delay compelled Lance Cpl Nyame to use his own money to refurbish the house and when he was done people began ‘eyeing’ the room.

“That place was a chop box and even if they dash it to you, you won’t accept it but after he made it look good, people wanted it all for themselves”, she said in Twi.

She also confirmed that the police only confirmed the death of Officer Stephen Nyame to them a week after the incident but she has not seen the body.

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