The police told me not to get a lawyer for Cpl Stephen Nyame – girlfriend alleges

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The girlfriend of the late Lance Corporal Stephen Kwaku Nyame, Sedem, has claimed that she was told not to get a lawyer for the deceased while he was under investigation.

She said that the police inspector in charge, whose name was not stated, questioned the relevance of a lawyer when the accused, LCpl Nyame, had not been charged.

Sedem late Kwaku Nyame wife
Sedem, late Kwaku Nyame’s girlfriend

Sedem indicated that she was asked to wait because they would alert her when the time is due for the services of a lawyer.

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“On what basis are you going to get a lawyer… what are you going to tell the lawyer because we have not told you anything…”, she said while recounting some incidents prior to the death LCpl Nyame.

Narrating the incident on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofo Morning Show, she claimed that some officers from the Police Intelligence Department (PID) requested she takes them to where they live and a search was conducted but the police found nothing.

According to her, this happened on Wednesday, March 2 while the late LCpl Nyame was still on admission at the hospital after being involved in a motor accident in December 2021.

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Prior to that, she said “they handcuffed him [LCpl Nyame] to his hospital bed when some officers from PID came by. The investigator asked me no to call to inform anyone and I gave my phone out upon request. They took Officer Nyame’s phone too”

Sedem added that LCpl Nyame told her his name was mentioned in a bullion van robbery and that is why he was under investigation. He however denied being part of the robbery.

He was kept at the PID unit after being released from the hospital for further investigation.

She said that all of this happened on the blindside of LCpl Nyame’s mother because she was suffering a mild stroke and she feared her situation would worsen when she hears of the investigation.

Sedem alleged that the late officer complained of body pains because he was beaten during the investigation. She again indicated that her frequent visits to the PID made the station officer question her.

Meanwhile mother of the late officer has requested to see the body of her son after refuting claims her son is not an armed robber.

Vida Owusu, Kwaku Nyame mother
Madam Vida Owusu says she would never believe that her son was an armed robber.

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