2020 elections: Blame John Boadu for NPP’s abysmal performance in parliamentary elections – Opare-Ansah

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Former Suhum Member of Parliament (MP), Frederick Opare-Ansah, has called on supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to blame the incumbent, John Boadu, for the loss of 32 parliamentary seats in the 2020 general elections.

NPP General Secretary hopeful, Frederick Opare-Ansah

In his view, if the incumbent can “take credit for winning two elections [2016 and 2020 respectively], then you must take credit and responsibility for our loss of 32 seats. You can’t take credit for the presidential elections that have won you two elections and ran away from the responsibility of the parliamentary seats and say that it is the duty of MPs”

He intimated that if John Boadu is afraid to take responsibility then that is enough reason for him to be ousted from his position as General Secretary.

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He made the following statements on Thursday, April 7, edition of Angel FM’s Anopa Bofo Morning Show.

Mr. Opare-Ansah observed that the General Secretary position is the fulcrum of every party’s organogram and plays a critical role in shaping the party and winning elections.

“I told you of how all decisions of Council, NEC and steering committee and conference is executed through the General Secretary’s office…in elections, the register to be used, the decision to use photo album or numbered ballot papers, etc. are all the decisions of the secretariat of the party headed by the General Secretary”

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He added that if John Boadu cannot take responsibility for his actions and isn’t aware that his decisions directly and indirectly affects the party’s fortunes in elections, then he [Boadu] doesn’t know what he is doing.

In a bid to promote a culture of peace among party rank and file, Mr. Opare-Ansah disclosed that he would work with John Boadu even if the latter loses.

This, he believes would be an exemplary attitude that other party members, who might lose, would emulate to eschew resentment.

The General Secretary hopeful also shared ideas on ‘fixing’ internal problems within the NPP by addressing communication breakdown, intolerance and non-inclusiveness to unite and strengthen the party.

While touting the achievements of the NPP such as paperless ports, industrialization and digitalization, he added that he has plans of creating economic opportunities for card-bearing members.


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