N/R: We are suffering – Traders in Tamale lament rising cost of goods

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Traders in Tamale are lamenting the hike in fuel prices which is impacting their business negatively.

According to the traders, the frequent increases in fuel prices, coupled with the cedi depreciation is the major factor to the hikes in prices of goods and services in the market.

In an interview with Angel News, the traders blamed low patronage of their wares and services to high fuel costs which in turn causes general prices of goods to rise.

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“The cost of goods and services go high due to the frequent increase in fuel prices.”

Recounting his experience, a livestock seller at the Tamale Stadium Market said that “the work has become unattractive. Because of the cedi depreciation business is not going on well. Customers come to ask about the prices and just walk away complaining about the high prices.”

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He explained that “we buy our animals from Burkina Faso with CFA [and the CFA has gone up] and the fuel costs too contribute to the high prices so it’s not our fault.”

“This year we have really suffered…because people are not buying. When you call anyone, they complain that things are tough for them so they are not buying”, a material seller also complained while begging customers to bear with them.

Some traders revealed that they have no option but to adjust to the current situation which has been a difficult task.

“Anytime we go to the market to buy things to sell [retail], the prices of the commodities go high which is making our work very difficult.”

The traders disclosed that, in this Islamic festive season, they are forced to reduce the prices of goods and services which can offer their customers a chance to purchase their goods, a situation which is creating losses for them [traders].

They therefore, are appealing to government to beat down the prices of fuel which is a major disincentive to their business.

“We are pleading with the government to reduce the prices of fuel so that the prices of goods and commodities will also go down.”

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