Foreign Affairs Ministry probes issuance of Ghanaian passports to foreigners

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integrations has taken steps to investigate an allegation that foreign nationals residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the other Gulf States are holding Ghanaian passports.

In a statement on Friday, 12th of August, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said it is “investigating the said allegation and would take appropriate measures to deal with the situation if found to be true.

“It is worth emphasizing that with the current biometric passports being issued by the Passport Office, applicants undergo rigorous vetting process which makes it difficult for unqualified persons, notably foreigners to acquire Ghanaian passports,” the statement added.

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The Ministry however served notice that it is an offense under the country’s laws for foreign nationals to acquire Ghanaian passports.

It further said, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration wishes to assure the general public that it would continue to adopt relevant measures in the issuance of Ghanaian passports in order to uphold and protect the integrity of the travel document.”


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