A pity the dead goat does not have eyes to see – NDC group

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A group calling itself Soldiers of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) says they pity former President John Dramani Mahama for being surrounded by what they term as enemies.

In an opinion piece they claimed Mr. Mahama has eyes but cannot see.

He was in power via very fortuitous means (most probably worked out via evil means), and because he did not get the power the proper way, he messed up big time with the people.

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When I say he messed up; he indeed messed up big time via his evil agenda to destroy the name and memory of his late boss (he actually never respected President Atta-Mills as his a boss and was always undermining him), in any way possible.

Immediately he took over the reins of power and began to deliberately cut off the memory of the late President Atta-Mills, and also pursue a subtle anti-Volta agenda, one of the first things the self-acclaimed deaf goat did, was to disrespectfully remove the highly respected Professor Kofi Nyidevu Awoonor, as the Chairman of the Council of State.

Apparently, when he was the Vice President, he was engaging in all kinds of unacceptable conduct and Professor Awoonor had occasion to question his conduct so he held it against the respected Kofi Awoonor.

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It is believed that his wife was very instrumental in the sacking of Professor Awoonor – so he was replaced by Cecelia Johnson, who comes from B/A Region with Lordina.

For the record, there is a large chunk of Voltarians who will never forget the disrespect shown Kofi Awoonor and the Volta Region – World Bank of the NDC.

To make matters worse vis-a-vis Volta Region; the dead goat allowed his abusive urchins and scoundrels to continually openly insult JJ Rawlings, the Founder of the NDC – and pride of the Volta Region.

Still swinging his ax in the direction of persons appointed by President Atta-Mills, the self-acclaimed dead goat sacked Ato Awhoi, as the Board Chairman of GNPC.

He sacked Kofi Totobi Quarkyi as Board Chairman of NCA.

He sacked Kwame Peprah as Board Chairman of SSNIT.

The self-acclaimed dead goat, went further to decide to remove ALL the National Executives who worked with President Atta-Mills.

So, at the 2014 Congress in Kumasi, he targeted for removal, Dr. Kwabena Adjei, Johnson Kwadwo Asiedu-Nketiah, Yaw Boateng Gyan, Ludwig Hlordze and co.

He was able to get rid of all of them, except Asiedu-Nketiah because they could not get any credible opponent for him.

Actually, they tried severally to lure Koku Anyidoho with money and promises to rather contest Asiedu-Nketiah, but Koku refused on principle, and stood his ground to contest for Deputy General Secretary.

The refusal of Koku to be lured by money to contest Asiedu-Nketiah, was the beginning of the extreme hatred for Koku.

For the records, the Awhois, Totobi-Quarkyi, Asiedu-Nketiah and co, swore secret and sacred oaths NEVER to forgive John Dramani Mahatma for his reckless and senseless anti-Atta-MIlls agenda.

Of course, the dead goat and his wife were able to lure Asiedu-Nketiah with money so he betrayed Koku Anyidoho.

After swimming in his power drunkenness, and conceding defeat in 2016, because he is power drunk and wants to intoxicate himself with power again, he went groveling before the Awhois and co to beg them to support him: little did he know they were just waiting for him to come and beg so they cordon him off and FINISH him.

John Dramami Mahatma has willingly walked into to camp of the enemies he unwisely created, and he is being teleguided by well crafted Ahitophel Counsel for him to be making wrong moves/statements that continue to tarnish his image (that is if he has any).

John Dramani Mahama has surrendered himself to the hyenas and vampires he created; and ooooo what a joy it is for them to be sucking his blood and eating his flesh as they prepare to finally hang his bones to rot after December 2024.

Do we feel sorry for John Dramani Mahamah? Certainly not!!!

He has brought sugarcane into his own bedroom, so he should deal with the flies he has invited.

Na who cause am??? Na John Dramani Mahamah cause am oooo!!!

More anon.

Soldiers Of The NDC.

Aluta Continua


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