Resurfacing of my old tweets was ‘political’ – KiDi

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Reigning VGMA Artiste of the Year, KiDi, has disclosed that the resurfacing of his old tweets that led to public humiliation and backlash was a political move.

According to the ‘Touch it’ hitmaker, he initially had no idea where the old tweets came from but investigations revealed that they came from a National Democratic Congress (NDC) account.

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Speaking in an interview on Angel FM’s Yadwumanie with DJ Ohemaa Woyeje, KiDi explained that usually issues of this nature appear when the individual involved has said or done something but in his case he doesn’t know circumstances that led to that.

“Later when we investigated, we realised that it came from an NDC account…”, he told host of the show.

Explaining further, the award-winning artiste said “they just went back and started searching for people who have said something about Mahama so that they will give them pressure to say something about Nana Akufo-Addo as well because when Mahama came you spoke about him but with Akufo-Addo you are silent. it was just political…”

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He added that the agenda of the perpetrators was probably to compel him to speak against the current administration just as he criticized ex-President John Mahama but it escalated and ‘everybody was like KiDi too has said some foolish things before so let’s go dig them out’.

When asked how he has been coping with the incident, he replied that “it has been hard…I won’t lie to you…I don’t want anybody to go through this because it is tough.”

KiDi mentioned that the sad part is that people don’t check the date those comments were made but “I dont blame anybody, the people who took the screenshots to Facebook cropped out the time stamp” and it gives the impression that it was something recent.

“Honestly, I hope people forgive me …this is something I said ten years ago…I’m not even the same person I was a year ago…I’ve grown, I’ve learnt to be different, to be kind, show basic human courtesy.

“Even though you did it ten years ago, it is still wrong. people are affected”, he said while apologizing to all the victims.


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