Tidal waves: Sand winning partly responsible – Ketu South MCE

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The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Ketu South in the Volta Region, has attributed the destruction caused by the tidal wave in the area to an alleged sand winning which was undertaken in the area.

Mr. Maxwell Lugudor on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofoↄ said the sand winning activity leaves some holes which retain water that washes to the banks and when more waves splash, it leads to overflow.

“People are engaging in sand winning near the sea, so when the waves come they get stuck in the big holes left. So, the next waves that come flood the whole area” he said.

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However, the Member of Parliament for the area, Abla Dzifa Gomashie, denied the claims made by the MCE, saying it was as a result of the complex nature of events surrounding the mishap.

Currently, about 1,027 individuals and 500 homes from communities including the Abutiakope, Kedzikope, Keta Central, Tsalakope, Agavedzi, Amuchinu and Adina, are reported to have been affected by the waves which buffeted their places of abode on the dawn of Sunday November 7, 2021.

Though there was a sea defence wall constructed to reduce the effects of tidal waves on the communities living along the sea, the MCE noted the water overflowed the walls due to the sand winning.

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Meanwhile, an island has been identified where Mr. Lugudor said the affected communities would be relocated to.

According to him, the assembly is servicing it with the supply of electricity and potable water to make it more inhabitable for the people.

“They [affected communities] themselves helped us identify the Island. So we are servicing it and by that I mean with electricity and water. We can evacuate everybody from the beach side to that place.”


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