Covid-19 vaccination: ‘Higher vaccination rates not equal to less cases of death’ – Concerned Doctors

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A group calling itself the Concerned Ghanaian Doctors have chastised government and the GHS that higher vaccination rates against the Covid-19 disease does not mean the cases of re-infection and death would automatically reduce.

It is recalled that in November 2021, the Ministry of Health declared December as vaccination month to ensure the implementation of a mandatory vaccination policy from January 2022.

The Director-General of the Ghana Health Service [GHS], Dr. Patrick Kuma Aboagye who announced the decision said it was aimed at preventing a fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

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To this, the concerned doctors made up of nine members condemned the compulsory approach behind the nationwide exercise saying the Covid-19 vaccination does not reflect  the recorded cases and thus, cited Israel and the United Kingdom as countries that have high vaccination rates but yet are unable to keep the disease in check.

“Higher vaccination rates do not equal to less cases and less deaths. Countries like Israel and UK are typically example of this. These countries have very high vaccination rates, currently deploying booster programmers, yet they are struggling to get the virus under control especially with these new variants’’ they argue in a petitioned copied to President Akufo-Addo.

In response to the Health Ministry’s suggestion that continual booster every quarter of the year in an attempt to maintain vaccine induced immunity for the pandemic, the concerned doctors argue that perpetual vaccination with boosters is simply not a feasible strategy.

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The group then highlighted the country’s over reliance on vaccines which are unable to prevent infections despite its capacity to generate antibodies against the original strains.

“A vaccine that generates antibodies against the original strain, but does not prevent infection and spread, selects for variants by allowing mutants which are not affected by vaccines generated antibodies to spread and become dominant. Viruses mutate and are going to continue to have mutants especially with these vaccines that are relatively ineffective at stopping spread of the virus.’’

They reiterated that though the perspective of the global world in the early stages of the introducing of the vaccines was to save the day since it is believed to serve as immune booster to fight against the disease and death but all turned out to be false.

It added that some medications such as ‘’Hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, azithromycin’’ that have been known in the past to be relatively safe have all proved to “become dangerous medications’’ to humanity suddenly at the point where Covid-19 is concerned.

Considering all the above factors emphasized, the Concerned Ghanaian Doctors say if the health of youth in the country is of much priority then the decision of the health ministry on the vaccination must be rescinded.


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