Somanya: Unsanitary conditions poses severe health risks to SRA residents

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There seems to be no end in sight for waste management problems in Somanya, the capital of Yilo Krobo in the Eastern Region, due to authorities’ less attention to the menace.

The SRA dumping site

This came to light when the ‘Angel Focus’ documentary team — whose aim is to find solutions to social issues that have been neglected by authorities nationwide —visited the area.

Upon the visit, the team led by Eugene Osei Berimah had its spotlight on a 20 decades dumping site situated at Sra (since 1822), a suburb community of Somanya which has nothing to write home about.

The state of SRA dumping site
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Residents of the area have complained bitterly about the landfill site which they say is posing severe health risk to them.

The dumping site, which lies very close to a dilapidated public toilet, according to the residents, is making life unbearable to them.

The deplorable state of SRA dumping

According to them, they cannot bear the foul smell of the two [the toilet facility and dumping site]; with the smoke that emanates from the burning of the waste.

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Angel Focus revealed that whenever wind blows, it sweeps some waste materials into nearby homes and the community at large.

That notwithstanding the extent of smell that emanates from the toilet and the dumping site amidst scorching sun is unmeasured.

The only public toilet facility at SRA in Yilo Krobo

Speaking to some residents, they indicated that it is the only toilet facility and dumping site the entire community has thereby making it difficult to vacate the are considering the unavailability of options to them.

“This is the only place we dump our Borla and the only place we also come to toilet when nature calls because it is the facility we have here. It looks unpleasant but we have no option,” a female residents narrated her ordeal.

Probing further why such unsanitary conditions has creeped SRA and its surrounding communities in the area, the residents fumed and said despite the persistence complaints about the health risk, it has fallen on the deaf ears of authorities.

Several residents who were interviewed described the predicaments as “worrying” and “alarming” noting that they have complained about the issue several times but to no avail.

They used the medium through Angel Focus to appeal to the ministry of sanitation and other stakeholders to come to their aid to address the problem as they fear the community could likely be an epidemic area.

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