Asesewa Gov’t Hospital: Health workers call for removal of administrator

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Health workers of the Asesewa Government Hospital in the Eastern Region are demanding the immediate removal of the facility’s administrator, Joshua Owusu, over what they describe as incompetency and corruption on his part.

According to the health workers, they have had enough of the administrator’s displeasure over alleged mismanagement, corruption, lack of logistics, and deteriorating condition at the facility.

In a petition copied to the management of the facility, the staff cited unconcern on the part of the administrator which amounts to his incompetency.

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Quoting a popular adage that says, “you cannot see a ship sinking and be polishing your shoe,” the aggrieved staff of Asesewa Government Hospital accused their administrator of acting contrary to the saying due to his actions and inactions.

It is as a result they added the facility lacks logistics and sees continuous deterioration because things that needed urgent attention are overlooked by the administrator.

“We have had enough of your displeasure in managing the affairs of staff with regards to work. We staff of Asesewa Government Hospital will look forward to immediate response and action when you receive this petition. As the saying goes, you cannot see a ship sinking and you will be polishing your shoe.

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“We also need trap door, beds for night staff to at least rest on. We also need patients’ beds with macintosh, we need methylated spirit. Two trolleys for our procedures such as dressing wounds and serving medication not enough. There are also not enough sphygmomanometers and stethoscopes. We don’t have a trolley for a sterilized procedure on the ward. No sterilized gloves for wound dressing,” the petitioned contains.

They also called on the management to as a matter of urgency lunch investigate into the whereabouts of an old ambulance donated to the nurses and midwives department of the facility by KOICA and a pickup truck that has disappeared.

The petitioned further demanded that accountability of all donations made to the hospital by corporate entities recently be made.

Against these backgrounds, the aggrieved staff of the Asesewa hospital says they are not going to improvise for anything anymore at the facility because management is much much concerned about all happenings.

“Management is aware of this and no excuse will calm down our actions. No more improvising in this facility again. Henceforth, we want to tell management that we are not going to improvise for anything again,” they served notice.


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