Meet Kow, the Visually Impaired who has turned a Vulcanizer to make a living

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One after the other, John Menyi, also known as Kow Yamoah went about servicing the tyres of vehicles and tricycles that had come to park in front of his dilapidated wooden structure.

As he dragged the vulcaniser’s rope to pump air into the tyres, every passerby stopped to catch a glimpse of the man who despite his disability has become the hope of drivers who ply the Accra-Cape Coast route on a daily basis.

His commitment to the profession have made consider him as the last stop for their tyre servicing on the busy highway.

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“One time, I was sleeping in this old store around 1:00am when some people came to wake me up…a vehicle carrying one sick person had had an inflated tyre and they needed the services of a vulcaniser urgently.

“So they held my hands and led me out of this my kiosk and brought the tyre to me. It was night but I was still able to work on the tyre and they went to fix it and drove the sick person to hospital. Imagine what could have happened if I wasn’t around…,” he narrated as the man now known as Kow Vulcaniser went about repairing his tyres.

The father of three beautiful daughters does not only repair old tyres, he also sharpens cutlasses and other sharp items for the people of Anomabo and surrounding villages.

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“I charge GHC 1.00 for servicing second hand tyres and the amount I realise from this is what I use to take care of my children…,” he added.

Kow Vulacniser as many prefer to call him has become the toast of the town folks because of the passion with which he works and the kind of service he renders.

Interestingly, the blind man has been able to employ another disabled person who sweeps his workshop for him.

In the interview published below, the Blind Vulcaniser takes Emerald Turkson, the interviewer through his life demonstrating to her how he has become the toast of several drivers in the area.

He also explains into detail how his wife abandoned him and the children after he went totally blind.

“My wife said she cannot live with a blind man, so she departed leaving me to take care of myself and the children…,” he recounted.

Kow Vulcaniser appealed to the public to come to his aid and assist him repair his dilapidated wooden structure which services as his house and workshop.

He also called for support from the public to take care of his teenage children.

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