It is an offense to tell a third party you had sex – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

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A private legal practitioner, Maurice Ampaw, has disclosed that it is an offense to tell a third party that you were sexually intimate with someone.

“In law if you sleep with someone and you say it [to a third party], it is an offense and you can be sued because when someone sleeps with you they hold you in trust and confidence…sue the person for breach of confidence,” he stated.

According to him when it comes to matters of sex they are highly confidential per the laws of Ghana.

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“The law states that sex should be done in secrecy where no one can see or hear what the parties involved are doing. When you make ‘noise’ during sexual intercourse you can be charged because it constitutes sexual harassment to those hearing your actions,” he said in Twi.

He noted that noise during intimacy is sexual nuisance and under Section 287 of the Criminal Offenses Act, noise making is a crime.

The legal practitioner made the disclosure on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofo Morning Show while discussing a leaked video of a farm labourer who slept with 48 women and recorded the act in the town of Kyekyewere.

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Lawyer Maurice Ampaw added that when you have sexual intercourse with your partner, it is a crime to record the act.

He explained in the Twi parlance that “any woman who allows a man to record their sexual escapades is a criminal because, you are practicing what is termed aiding and abetting while the gentleman is engaging in production and gathering of indecent pornographic materials.

“It is also criminal because it is against the Public Moral Act…so when you sleep with a woman, we don’t video or record both sexual sounds and the act…”.

Speaking further on the subject, he revealed that the most promiscuous people in Ghana are old women.

The lawyer who disclosed that he did a research on prostitution and sex in law, attributed the old women’s promiscuous behaviour to the fact that their menstrual cycle or child-bearing years are over.

The legal practitioner counselled the public to stop taking videos of their sexual encounters as that can be used against them during black mail or in the court of law.

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