Soldiers escort ECG officers to install prepaid meters in Yilo Krobo

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A contingent of 50 military officers have been deployed to the Yilo-Krobo Municipality to assist the Electricity Company of Ghana as they install prepaid meters within the municipality.

According to Municipal Chief Executive for Yilo Krobo, Eric Tetteh, residents who resist the prepaid meters would simply be disconnected and the team would move on.

This comes after the company announced the installation of prepaid meters which begins Tuesday, June 14, 2022.

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The prepaid meters, according to ECG, are free for all residents, thus warned customers to beware of impostors who might want to defraud them.

Mr. Tetteh noted that the decision is a last resort due to the activities of some people in inciting others to resist the installation of prepaid meters whilst ECG continue to incur debt as a result of failure by the same people to pay their bills.

“The alternative was scary as we risked losing power in the Krobo area. Please, let’s avoid any confrontation and cooperate.”

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In a press statement on Monday, June 13, ECG said prepaid meters would be deployed to the Krobo district.

It further added that debt of 2014 to 2017 has been set aside while debts from 2019 to 2021 are expected to be paid for over a five-year period.

Customers are expected to pay 2022 bills and visit the ECG offices for dialogue on terms of payments.

But with the benefit of hindsight, particularly the deadly disturbances sparked by the massive disconnection of power due to heavy indebtedness, the Company has agreed to ring-fence the debt of 2014 to 2017.

“The debt of 2018 to 2021 is to be paid over a five-year period,” ECG added while encouraging customers pay all 2022 bills going forward.

Those who need additional meters have been requested to apply for them at the ECG office, which came under vandalism during the 2018 disturbances.

“ECG wishes to appeal to customers and the general public to collaborate for smooth implementation of the prepaid meter project.”


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